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Souphanouvong University

Souphanouvong University (SU) established according to the PM decree No. 169/NA, Dated 4th November 2003. It has 2 campuses: Nasangveuy Campus and Ban Donemai Campus. At the moment, the university is comprised of 9 offices, 2 centers, one Confucius Institute, one Central Library, and 6 faculties with 2 Master Courses, 35 Bachelor courses, and 5 Continuous Bachelor Courses.

The university has 429 staff and 3.097 students


Specialisation: directing to reach other best universities

Localisation: Striving to improve community members’ wellbeing

Internationalisation: aiming at moving towards international standard


    1. To conduct teaching and learning and education activities
    2. To conduct and disseminate scientific research
    3. To provide academic services to society
    4. To protect and promote national art and culture while accepting the fine and advanced culture of the world
    5. To exercise other duties assigned by the government and the MOES.

IRO of Souphanouvong University was established under the decree of the Minister of Education and Sports Ref.No: 4251/MoES. DP, dated on 7th November 2011. SU’s IRO consists of three divisions: 1) Ordinance and Administration Division; 2) International Relations and Project Management Division; and 3) International Experts, Volunteer, and Student Management Division. Currently, the office has 10 staff.

IRO of Souphanouvong University provides the following services:

  • Cooperate with internal and external institutions (bridging SU to other universities and organisations);
  • Consider signing bilateral and multilateral agreements (MOUs, MODs, and MOAs);
  • Welcoming and managing international experts, volunteers, and students;
  • Welcoming internal and external delegation and leadership board of SU;
  • Accompanying leadership board of SU when visiting other
universities and organisations;
  • Searching for funding for the university and managing international projects;
  • Carry out complementary tasks assigned by the university leadership board
National Road 13th, Ban Done Mai, Luang Prabang, Lao PDR
+856 71 254931-2