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Jul 08, 2020

OPEN partners met on July, 8th for the 2nd Virtual meeting to follow up on project progress and activities made so far. The main discussion was focused on the advances related to WP 1: Need Analysis. A recent survey “The state of internationalisation in Laos: need analysis & mission sharing”, developed by UNIBO, was successfully completed by all Laotian partners. At the moment the consortium is working on the questionnaires for students and professor/senior staff lecturers to get an updated perspective of the current barriers for credit recognition and international mobility of students and academic staff. The next step is to hold interviews with 5 international organizations operating in Laos.

The University of Alicante also presented an updated work plan and mitigation actions in light of the current pandemic. Consortium agreed to switch some activities and
get a head start on training modules that will take place on-line already this fall.