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University of Alicante

The University of Alicante (UA) was founded in 1979. Being one of the youngest universities in Spain, the UA is also considered one of the most innovative and fastest developing in the whole country. More than 30000 national & 3000 international students are enrolled in 7 Faculties offering more than 50 degrees in all fields of study. The UA manages more than 2000 academic & 1200 administrative staff.The University of Alicante (UA) has among its primary objectives to drive their current model towards the future: consolidating its strengths and improving the aspects necessary to achieve excellence in internationalization. As a leading international university, the UA has committed itself to supporting the various groups that comprise both the management aspects of educational provision, the students' interest, and the training, evaluation and encouragement of academic, research and administrative staff, as reflected in the calls, procedures and scholarships that the Office for the Vice President for International Relations offers to the university community.

UA Office of the Vice President for International Relations seeks to boost overall internationalization as a UA strategic axis, which aims at consolidating and developing relations with outstanding universities and research centers, in order for them to participate in international programmes and thus ensuring that the UA policy of cooperation has the desired impact on the economic and social development.

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