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Mar 30, 2023

During the Second National and Final Conference of the OPEN project (27-28th of March 2023) took place the signature of the Letter of Intent for Cooperation between the Laos University Association for Internationalisation (LUAI) Network’s founding members and the Philippine Higher Education Internationalisation Network (PHL IN-NET).

This Letter set out the framework to facilitate the collaboration between the members of the LUAI Network and the PHL IN-NET Network. Being the first the result of the OPEN project and the second the result of the ANTENA project, both projects were co-founded by the Erasmus + programme of the European Commission.


The Parties agreed to contribute to the development of collaboration among the Member institutions in, at least, the following areas: training, networking, strategic development, dissemination of information, participation in other relevant networks, joint research, and to the foregoing with flexibility and consideration for both networks.

They compromised to cooperate to (1) facilitate collaboration among their members identifying opportunities for joint participation in relevant scientific, dissemination, and communication events at a regional and international scale; (2) to explore opportunities for international mobility between students, staff, and researchers; (3) to analyse the potential for offering joint training activities (particularly on the field of internationalisation); (4) to look for means to strengthen research capacity, language proficiency, and to improve soft skills to boost international cooperation; (5) to foster joint research collaboration among members of both Networks; (6) to analyse the potential for dissemination of relevant information throughout the Advisory Boards and/or Working Groups of both Parties; and, (7) to seek cooperation between the International Relations Offices (IROs) of both Parties.