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May 31, 2022

Last May OPEN project held a series of webinars, 4 in total, for IRO Staff. 

The main aim of the third OPEN virtual training was to share practices and organizational models in the implementation of services that International Relations Offices offer.

The focus was on the services dedicated to international students and outgoing exchange students, thus two different mobility schemes were analyzed - a vertical one, related to international degree-seeking students, and a horizontal one, connected to outgoing exchange students. In describing how the Universities in Europe and their IRO support these two types of mobilized students two different processes of recognition were studied: recognition of international qualifications and credit transfer. 

The training was delivered by UNIBO and in each session there were around 25 participants.


At the end of this training

1) Trainees were able to better analyze the course offering of a European University and eventually negotiate mobility schemes with European partners taking advantage of the Erasmus+ programmes

2) They have increased their knowledge of the ECTS guide and ECTS main tools for credit transfer and are able to design tailored instruments and procedures for their own institutions.

3) They have become familiar with services for International students and outgoing exchange students that are offered by the IRO of the University of Bologna

4) They were able to compare the management of mobility schemes at the University of Bologna with that of one of their own institution