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Nov 24, 2022

In November 2022, between the 22nd and 23rd, occurred the ANTENA Final Conference in De La Salle University in Taft Avenue, Manila. The focus of the Conference was on “Strengthening Policies and Partnerships for the Internationalisation of Education in Philippine HEIs”.  The OPEN partners were invited to this Conference due to its connection with Internationalisation of Higher Education. 

Some of the objectives of the event were (1) to present the outputs accomplished and outcomes achieved by the ANTENA project, (2) to expose the PHL IN-NET and plans for the expansion of its membership, (3) to promote the International Relations Office (IRO) services created and/or improved and, (4) to promote the sustainability of ANTENA’s results through the support and strengthening of the PHL IN-NET.

The participation of the OPEN partners in such an event was an opportunity for them, but also for the project to feed from the ANTENA experience and to observe and possibly replicate the good practices implemented by that project. This was especially true concerning the PHL IN-NET created by ANTENA which is dedicated exclusively to matters of international relations and is prepared to provide relevant advice on training actions to its members. This PHL IN-NET could serve as a model for the OPEN partners for the creation of the LUAI Network. The invitation to the event also brought opportunities for networking and knowledge sharing for the participants.